Closed – Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance plays a major part in the security industry, giving users security even when they aren’t at the location. While the surveillance industry is moving towards IP technology, analog system, and traditional analog cameras are still a popular choice among the audience. The camera measures high resolution by the number of horizontal lines called TVL along with quality video along with more advanced features of IP video. The new HD analog technology based cameras allow you to record megapixel resolution video using analog components.


High Definition (HD) CCTV security cameras fulfill the quality of video footage that accepts the standard that can be used both for preventative security surveillance and for evidence purposes. It is an open industrial standard for transmitting high-definition digital video over point-to-point coaxial cable links with applications. HD CCTV surveillance camera enables a detailed capture of the subject and actions with more precise information. Dome CCTV Cameras are most commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. Dome cameras get their name from the dome-shaped housing in which they sit. Speed Dome CCTV cameras give the surveillance operator the ability to move the camera. There are cameras that have automated pan/tilt/zoom functionality where the camera is moving on a timed basis. These are used to cover a wide area with only one camera or to avoid poor light conditions at certain times of the day. Bullet CCTV Cameras have a long, cylindrical, and tapered shape, similar to that of a “rifle bullet”, often used in applications that require long-distance viewing. The camera is not typically designed to have pan/tilt/zoom control but to capture images from a fixed location, pointing at a particular area.


IP surveillance camera records video footage where the resulting content is distributed over an IP network without any degradation of content over time. IP storage makes it possible to store data in any graphical location also improved the search capability of content. Remote viewing and control are easy on without any interruption. Industries are moving towards IP technology because data can be uploaded to cloud-based storage, to be displayed or analyzed from where. Box Cameras are professional quality CCTV security cameras that allow the user flexibility in designing a security camera best suited for their needs. You can choose the type of weather protection, camera resolution, video signal type, and the type of lens that best suits your needs. Box cameras also allow easy replacement or upgrading of the camera/enclosure/lens combination. By changing the box camera body, the video pickup portion can be replaced. Replacing or upgrading the lens allows the user to change the angle of view, without having to replace the entire camera. C-mount CCTV cameras have detachable lenses to fit different applications. Standard CCTV camera lenses can only cover distances of between 35 and 40ft, therefore with C-mount CCTV cameras, it is possible to use special lenses, which can cover distances greater than 40ft. 


Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera monitors the large area with minimizing installation. Here cameras can move anywhere between Zero and the full 360 degrees. Panning and tilting allow the camera to see the action happening behind or next to it. PTZ camera’s video quality can be diminished by zooming in too far and pixellating the images. In this model it lets switches perform actions such as software upgrades without forcing the camera to power cycle. PTZ cameras can be operated manually or in an automatic scan mode, thus capturing the most relevant video possible. The day/night CCTV cameras have the distinct advantage of operating in both normal and poorly-lit environments. These cameras do not have Infrared illuminators because they can capture clear video images in varying light conditions and in the dark. The camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance applications, where Infrared CCTV cameras cannot function optimally. These CCTV cameras are primarily used in outdoor applications and they can have a wide dynamic range to function in glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and strong back light 24/7.


Many people started to look for advanced features on surveillance cameras to save their time from analog models. Surveillance secure introduced various categories on CCTV like Wifi Cameras, Solar Camera, Number Plate Camera, Facial Camera with the high maintenance of signal and connection to your network to record and capture footage. These different types of surveillance cameras are easy to set up and ideal for large property security.

Flameproof CCTV Camera system designed for use in the hazardous areas for supervision in the industry from a central location or control room. It can also be used for monitoring & security purpose. The control part is a combined mouse + key board specially designed In stainless steel to withstand field conditions.

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)  CCTV Camera work with standard CCTV cameras for stationary vehicles–and if the shutter speed is set to 1/1000th sec. it can capture plates on fast-moving vehicles in bright or controlled lighting conditions. However, in darker conditions, approaching the vehicle’s headlights will dazzle the camera and the camera will compensate by closing the iris down preventing a plate read. Fixed aperture cameras will fail by over or underexposing the plate.

Facial identification & recognition Camera is now widely used as an important tool in securing the premises. The latest facial recognition systems use your IP camera system.  The simplest method measures various features of a person’s face, such as the distance between the eyes, or the position of the mouth to the nose.  These geometric measurements or vectors are then coded and stored in a database for later comparison.  This method is usually used for biometric door access control.

The People Counter Camera accurately counts the number of people moving through shops, schools, banks, sports and transport facilities, prisons, museums, visitor attractions, airports, and car parks. The system uses a standard CCTV Camera which can operate standalone or be networked together to produce a map of visitor numbers across a shopping center for a whole retail chain. People counting CCTV cameras connect to a standard central PC over an existing IP network. The system accurately detects and records entries, exits, queues, and waiting times allowing you to detect how long people spend in one place and how often that place was visited.