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Every device connected to the Addressable Alarm System has its unique address and connecting devices using a loop. When a fire is detected, the device’s address shows up on the main control panel and shows you the exact location of a fire and extinguish them quickly. Here the information is transferred from the device to the control panel as binary code. The addressable alarm system has a range of other facilities to meet the functional needs of small premises where a sophisticated structure is not mandatory. With addressable technology, the fire alarm panel can be programmed to select exactly which speakers are to be used and what message will be played on them during an emergency. This targeted audio capability enables the delivery of critical, event-specific information exactly where it’s needed. For example, if the smoke detector in the kitchen activates, only the speaker in that area will be triggered. If smoke detectors activate in the kitchen and two surrounding rooms, then the speakers for the entire floor will be put into action.