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An Access Management System can manage and monitor user access permissions and access rights to protect organizations from data loss and security breaches. The act of this service is all about controlling user access which includes tracking and accurate changing authorizations. This limits the information users can view or change to minimize the chance of improper activity. Access controls work with Biometric, Card & Face recognition reader so we can configure to control every person’s access to specific areas. Automated software helps ensure users have the correct permissions levels to the resources they need. By automating access management tasks like creating, modifying, or disabling account help you scale your effort to meet business demands.


Facial recognition attempt to identify a human face that is three dimensional and changes in appearance with lighting and facial expression, based on its two-dimensional image. The purpose of the alignment process is to enable the accurate localization of facial features and matches the data feed in the data server. Facial recognition algorithms work on both geometric and photometric which is a statistical approach that distills the value with templates to eliminate variances. Working with facial features requires up to 100 times less computing power and reduces labor chargers. A sample image is taken of a person’s face during login, which is then compared to a known image of the person they claim to be. Facial recognition algorithms tend to have good accuracy on verification tasks because the subject usually knows they are being scanned and can position themselves to give their cameras a clear view of their face.


A Biometric Reader uses the optical sensor is employed to produce an image of the ridge structure at a fingertip, and this image serves as the basis for further access control activity where it minimizes the rate of reading failure. The matching device in a biometric system usually includes a decision-making apparatus that relies on the match score to identify by correlating the score to a ranked list of possible identities stored in the database. When establishing the access control for an individual computer, user input data is prevented from using the computer’s resources.  The Biggest advantage of Biometric Time Attendance over manual tracking is better security. Many shops and shopping malls use biometric time attendance for security purposes and it really works a lot.


Radio Frequency Identification is mostly used for privacy concern where an RFID tag read the data with a unique serial number which is associated with a consumer. The RFID reader is a network-connected device that can be portable or permanently attached where the radiofrequency waves transmit signals to activate the tag. Once activated, the tag sends a wave back to the antenna, where it is translated into data. Data stored in an RFID tag can be updated in real-time, tags that have a stronger power source also have a longer read range.  Radio frequency identification can be used to track products through the product lifecycle, data collection to analyze logistics, and production flow to enhance the manufacturing process.


Multi Door Access includes the access control peripherals combines in a comprehensive multi-door solution managed from a central point of control. such as a mobile application. Compared to conventional models this is based on smart technology to meet customer needs in modern work facilities. Multi – door access control has an almost unlimited scalability capacity of the mobile network. In this technology, remote management of granted access to more doors at once added security with data encryption on the mobile device with simple integration with access control peripherals.


This Access Control System authenticates the person’s identity and checks if they are authorized by checking against an access control policy. In access control authorizing level takes place by storing their actions against a username and IP address. This system may incorporate an access control panel to buildings where it initiates lockdown procedures and prevents unauthorized access. An access control system will make it possible to assign an individual working schedule to each employee and to save and eventually examine the information about the events of a day.