Facial Recognition : Everything You Need To Know

People have called facial recognition” the most natural of all biometric measurements” and say this technology is highly accurate and useful in daily life. Critics by contract, feel that tech’s biggest mistake by recording personal information. In this article, we will try to understand what Face Recognition is and its benefit in daily life.


What is Facial Recognition?

At its most basic, facial recognition is a technology that involves identifying or verifying someone using characteristics like image, video, or any audio visual element of the face. It includes various technologies like 3-D, vascular and heat-pattern along with skin texture analysis. Here the algorithm works by identify certain points on the face, such as the shape of one’s chin and create a template for that person, and stores the information in the database.



The camera captures the image in a 2-D or 3-D way depending upon the characteristics of the device you choose for facial recognition. After capturing the relevant information of the incoming image compares the image signal in real-time in a database. In this comparison of faces, it analyses mathematically the incoming image without any error and verifies that the biometric data match the person who undertakes some activity, such as passing through a door or logging into a computer system.




Law enforcement agencies are using the technology to identify individuals in the field and helping police officers identify individuals instantly. The technology is not limited to track down criminals but also it could help to find missing children and seniors. Face recognition technology makes security checkpoints at airports. Face recognition allows officers to use smartphone, tablets or other portable devices to take the photo and compare immediately with the face recognition database to attempt an identification.


Facial recognition software can potentially replace other forms of biometric tracking like fingerprint scanning at the workplace. This technology sheers the convenience of employees track “in” and “out”. The great advantage of facial recognition is employees do not have to scan their fingerprints or ID card to clock hours, by this technology the system will automatically identify when they enter and leave along with their log hours accordingly. The second advantage of facial recognition software is it eliminates the risk of incorrect entries of the working hours and can help you manage the productivity of your company as a whole.



Hospitals use facial recognition to help with patient care to access patient records, streamline patient registration. Detect emotion and pain in patients and even help to identify specific genetic diseases in the patient. This software is capable of identifying various aspects of a person’s face, like their nose, eyes, chin, and cheeks, and then mapping with the database to ensure the patient details are matching properly.



Using this software retail stores can also recognize customers walking in and immediately pull up their past purchases to show them relevant new products and special offers for the products. Face matching technology can identify an individual with a previous history of shoplifting and flag off to a retail store worker to keep a close eye on them so that we can expect it to be used to prevent theft. 


Due to the many advantages that facial recognition offers to business and help your business gain a competitive edge. The strength of this technology lies in the database. The bigger the database, the more likely it is that the software can successfully identify an individual. We at, Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai specialize in this technology. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process. 





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