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Biometric Attendance System for Employee Tracking

From unlocking smartphones with fingerprints to capturing retina prints of each biometrics plays an important role in our daily lives to simplify routines and increases security. In this modern world, more and more companies are integrating biometric access control systems for employee tracking and providing workspace restricted from trespassers. Using the Biometric Access Control System, you can put an end to outdated attendance tracking systems of an employee. In this blog, check out the benefits of using biometric access for tracking employee attendance.

Buddy punching technology has been practicing in many companies to calculate employee’s work time in an organization. It’s common for an “early bird” employee to punch on behalf of his friends at the workstation and makes challenging for companies to identify employees who report late to work. To solve this issue, companies are using a bio-metric attendance system, to calculate employee’s work hours. This system stores fingerprints of all your employees and each person when he places his/her hand on the scanner to lock the in and out time.

With a fingerprint biometric there is no need to appoint a security person to keep track of the time and attendance of all your employees. This reduces staff overhead and provides an accurate picture of the employee and increases the large volume of profits since you’re paying only for the employee’s hours. This system tracks employees who arrive late, leave early, and do authorized overtime of work in a company.

You might think about how this biometric access control adds security to a company? Let me explain you clearly. When you pair an access control system, with automated door locks you can increase the security layer of your building. The automatic access control doors will not be opened to any unknown person because it only lets in people whose fingerprints are stored in the system. Using this technology, you can prevent customers and other unauthorized personnel from entering into restricted, employee-only areas.

This system helps you in tracking frequent absenteeism, long breaks, and tardiness in an organization. Management can easily find out employees who are perennial late-comers and also recognize and reward employees who are reporting to the work on time. This system works on pattern recognition techniques and reduces the number of false rejections. Quick verification of an individual and easy to use, track, and ideal for accurate payroll calculations.

“Go digital, go paperless” is the new slogan of today’s world! Installing a biometric attendance device is highly convenient compared to badges, and IDs which employees are likely to forget at home or misplace. When installing a biometric device there is no need for extensive rewiring, and it can be easily integrated with the security software, and most there is no need for training a person to maintain this device. Biometric time clocks are highly convenient and stored backup data quickly with USB connectivity.

As you can see, a biometric access control system offers a wide array of benefits to the organization. We at, Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai specialize in this technology. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.


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