You have most probably passed through an automatic boom gate when you have driven through a toll booth, checkpoint where vehicles are allowed to pass by raising the bar once they present pass, enter a code or pay a toll. Boom barrier gates are used to control access of vehicles to a certain area as well as to control the flow of traffic. Being one of the busiest locations of an industry, it is always of priority to keep the mam gate secure to ensure vehicle management more efficiently in industries. Before we move ahead to understand all about security tool, let us start

What is a Boom Barrier?

Boom barrier gates are horizontal bars that are positioned on a pivot that moves up and down automatically to block the path of oncoming vehicles. The long arm allows the vehicle to pass by raising the bar once they present a pass or enter a code. These boom barriers act as a traffic control device by blocking vehicular or pedestrian movement at the location. Many industries use automated boom barriers integrated with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to achieve better and efficient security and vehicle management at both exit and entry points.

Boom Barriers are gaining traction.

Now a day’s automatic boom barrier system enhances the effectiveness of parking management and monitoring of overall footfalls at the location and stopping the trespassers to enter the premises. Industries prefer this technology for vehicle management because it is a perfect solution for streamlining traffic flow, especially, in a place where there is a heavy flow of vehicles. RFID boom barrier uses a unique identity for an object to scan and identifies the object from the information.

Aspects of erecting a Boom Barrier based on RFID

#1 Inventory Management of RFID tags: 

 RFID tags on the vehicles is a recurring cost because whenever people leave the industrial society, their tags have to be disabled & when entering the society gates without having RFID tags, they won’t be granted access, at least, not until that visitor has prior approval.

#2 Automated Entry and Exit:

 This system improves security and keeps unwanted entries at bay and monitors vehicle movements effortlessly. In the case of a visitor’s vehicle, the security guard must manually approve the entry only after a green signal from his high authority approves the vehicle to pass through the gate.

#3 Touchless Entry:

 Another benefit of using these boom barriers during These pandemic times it is a completely touchless or contactless approach with humans. Everything from entering vehicle details is approved and secured in digital software- guaranteeing a no contact or less contact process without compromising on security standards of the industry.

#4 Efficient Security Check:

 Usually, automatic boom barriers are operated through remote control, biometric sensors, or push-button models to give a high level of security. People install a boom barrier to solve the purpose of barricading unwanted vehicles from entering a gated community premise. Some industries use active RFID tags, which use batteries to charge the range of the device and uses the electromagnetic spectrum to make the RFID function.

Approach Towards Vehicle Management

Having a boom barrier system prevents any impostors from sneaking into an industry and maintain vehicle movement at high-level security, sometimes you can enable emergency services to reach needy people more quickly. We at, Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai specialize in this technology. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.