Advantages of having IP CCTV Surveillance for Retail Security

In this article, you will learn about the advantages of having IP CCTV Surveillance for Retail Security. This quality delivers businesses the ability to clearly see what is taking place – good and bad – within and neighboring their facility . here below several advantages :

Advantages of having IP CCTV Surveillance for Retail Security

1. Lessen Loss, Theft and Vendalism

Let’s start with the definite advantages a digital system presents, as opposed to analog. Digital surveillance cameras not only catch and stock more video than analog systems, but the essence of the video feed is greatly superior as well. Digital video cameras provide high-definition precision and extended viewing angles.


2. Exprience easier Installation and more effective Implementation.

Digital systems can be placed more easily than analog systems, need less equipment and can assist your security team more effectively operate the surveillance system.

Analog surveillance systems need complicated wiring to cameras in order to view multiple video feeds. Today’s exceptional digital surveillance systems require much less work to install and maintain.

3. Improve Storage and Accessibility
Most analog surveillance systems use tape recorders to save video footage. This reduces the amount of video that can be stored and ease of approachability of that footage.

Digital video surveillance systems collect all the footage your cameras capture on DVR (digital video recorder) systems with spacious storage space. This indicates your security team will also be able to store more surveillance footage with digital than they can with analog.

4. Enable Remote Monitoring

This might be the most neglected advantage of a digital surveillance system. With a highly-integrated digital video system, you can observe the activity on your surveillance supplies from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a connection to the Internet. You can log in to your security system from any of these media and view live streams or access archived footage.

5. Reduce Costs and Scale more easily

First and most important, digital video surveillance is more economical than its analog counterpart. A digital system orders less physical infrastructure to operate (think fewer wires) than an analog system. And, as quoted above, digital feeds can be compressed and saved using less space than analog video.

6. Save time with Distributed Intelligence

With an innovative digital surveillance system having a close eye on the activities in your business, and countless hours of video captured, who is going to have the time to watch every hour of footage? Analog systems have holes in security coverage that digital systems fill with shared intelligence.

7. Upgrade your Management Software.

Digital video surveillance systems are utilized for use with today’s management software from the moment they are installed on-site. With the advantages of management software integration is the capability to explore archived footage based upon many factors (timestamps, location, etc.) and the option of accessing any camera feed from any place.

8. Improve Productivity

All of these advantages direct to this final point. Your employees are more prone to remain on task, take breaks efficiently and consider safer in the workplace knowing there is an advanced, digital surveillance system observing activity in the workplace on a daily basis.

we have over 10 years’ professional experience installing and providing AMC services on CCTV for industrial needs. CCTV cameras are remotely monitored 24/7 from the Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai Observatory and our professional operators are trained to the highest standards in recognition of suspicious individuals and behaviour – so you can feel reassured about your buildings’ security every day. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.

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What Are The Advantages Of CCTV In Schools?

Running a big school in peaceful environment and without any tension of the teachers & parents is a huge responsibility. Fortunately, a CCTV surveillance system can help to get rid of this dilemma & makes the school environment safe & peaceful. Many schools have implemented this surveillance technology & have been benefited to have a more peaceful & safer environment.

1) Student Safety

Installing CCTV cameras at outside & inside the school campus enables authority to watch any vandalism that can occur. For any such unwanted incident they can have a recorded evidence so that a proper following action can be taken against that. Moreover, schools and the students always remain a target of attacks from outside. A security measure always helps detect any such intruders & prevent them. Watching the entrance or exit points are very crucial for the proper security of the school. By installing security system with motion detection technology the authority can be readily notified of any unwanted movement taking place at some pre-defined areas. With CCTV mobile phone monitoring or through PC, laptop or tablet or any other internet connected device the incident can be instantly detected.

2) Stop Bullying & Deter Offenders

Once a child arrives at school, whether they walk, cycle, travel by bus or are dropped off, parents expect their safety to be a priority. However, as the number of students attending each school continues to increase, the likelihood of incidents, crime and violence sadly also rises. CCTV surveillance systems are excellent deterrents against incidents occurring during school hours, whether that is bullying, unauthorised access, or vandalism.

Security cameras can help to keep student safety at the forefront and can be used to identify bottleneck areas on the school premises. Are there certain corridors that are densely packed during the start of the day or when classes let out for break times? Are there doors to external areas that become jammed with a large number of students using it as an entry/exit point? Could a better travel system be implemented, such as one-way travel, staggered break times for year groups or dedicated entry points for certain year groups?

CCTV systems used in combination with footfall heat-maps can provide answers to all these queries and can monitor changes in foot traffic as the year moves through different seasons and weather conditions. By identifying particularly busy or cramped areas, efficient student evacuation routes can be better planned with student safety in mind.

3) Monitoring

When new visitors enter into school premises, authority should keep an watch on them for precautionary measure. Security cameras can come of a great assistance to watch them through an internet connected device. CCTV camera setup is beneficial for watching activities of students also. If any student is late in attending classes or behave wrongly, CCTV footage can come handy to track it and handle the situation properly. Same advantage is available in case of the school staffs too. Security cameras help in observing the performance of the staffs & to take relevant decisions. Monitoring different crucial activities is a major advantage of CCTV in schools.

4) Keep Parents In Peace Of Mind

When parents send their kids to school, they are always worried about their safety. Parents want to be ensured that their children are safe when they are studying in school. So many bad incidents in school augmented their tension and CCTV can help a lot to keep the unwanted things at bay. Presence of CCTV itself plays a havoc role in controlling any kind of disturbance as criminals are well aware of the consequence of being recorded live as CCTV footage can easily prove any offence that can take place in school premises.

we have over 10 years’ professional experience in monitoring security systems from schools, colleges and universities across the India to construction sites, commercial property and domestic applications. CCTV cameras are remotely monitored 24/7 from the Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai Observatory and our professional operators are trained to the highest standards in recognition of suspicious individuals and behaviour – so you can feel reassured about your buildings’ security every day.Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.

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Artificial Intelligence in Security System

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the field of security systems. The focus is not only building algorithms but also a system that is able to learn what is happening, on the go. AI in video surveillance is still in its infancy. The quality would improve over time and it would drive better adoption.

At present, integrations are difficult to implement. More partner community involvement is required for developing the Software Development Kit or SDK necessary for integrations and installation.

Another aspect that AI would play a major part in is going to be the analysis of the massive amount of data that is collected by the security system. If you consider the amount of data that is being collected by the device sensors, it is difficult to make heads or tails of data at present and this is where AI will come into the picture.

AI itself is a technology that has gained a lot of momentum in quite a few sectors. You might have heard about it’s usage in the retail sector. AI has also found usage in the gaming sector. It is still coming up in several other sectors. AI makes things more accessible. AI would also drive other technologies.

The major hurdle in the implementation of AI in surveillance system is not the computation power, although a few years back it would have been so. The bigger challenge in terms of architecture and infrastructure is to secure the data. When you can access the data over the internet, there are possibilities of others hacking into the system and accessing the data. So the focus now should be on how to secure the data and advancements in cyber security would be a major factor in the adoption of AI in security systems.

Today video analytics has developed from being the traditional, rule-based analytics. It has been imparted with the ability to learn from the video and the objects and their normal relations and behavior. These learning ability will help in the predictive abilities of the surveillance system. We at, Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai specialize in this technology. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.

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Boom Barrier Integration Contributes to Safety

You have most probably passed through an automatic boom gate when you have driven through a toll booth, checkpoint where vehicles are allowed to pass by raising the bar once they present pass, enter a code or pay a toll. Boom barrier gates are used to control access of vehicles to a certain area as well as to control the flow of traffic. Being one of the busiest locations of an industry, it is always of priority to keep the mam gate secure to ensure vehicle management more efficiently in industries. Before we move ahead to understand all about security tool, let us start

What is a Boom Barrier?

Boom barrier gates are horizontal bars that are positioned on a pivot that moves up and down automatically to block the path of oncoming vehicles. The long arm allows the vehicle to pass by raising the bar once they present a pass or enter a code. These boom barriers act as a traffic control device by blocking vehicular or pedestrian movement at the location. Many industries use automated boom barriers integrated with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to achieve better and efficient security and vehicle management at both exit and entry points.

Boom Barriers are gaining traction.

Now a day’s automatic boom barrier system enhances the effectiveness of parking management and monitoring of overall footfalls at the location and stopping the trespassers to enter the premises. Industries prefer this technology for vehicle management because it is a perfect solution for streamlining traffic flow, especially, in a place where there is a heavy flow of vehicles. RFID boom barrier uses a unique identity for an object to scan and identifies the object from the information.

Aspects of erecting a Boom Barrier based on RFID

#1 Inventory Management of RFID tags: 

 RFID tags on the vehicles is a recurring cost because whenever people leave the industrial society, their tags have to be disabled & when entering the society gates without having RFID tags, they won’t be granted access, at least, not until that visitor has prior approval.

#2 Automated Entry and Exit:

 This system improves security and keeps unwanted entries at bay and monitors vehicle movements effortlessly. In the case of a visitor’s vehicle, the security guard must manually approve the entry only after a green signal from his high authority approves the vehicle to pass through the gate.

#3 Touchless Entry:

 Another benefit of using these boom barriers during These pandemic times it is a completely touchless or contactless approach with humans. Everything from entering vehicle details is approved and secured in digital software- guaranteeing a no contact or less contact process without compromising on security standards of the industry.

#4 Efficient Security Check:

 Usually, automatic boom barriers are operated through remote control, biometric sensors, or push-button models to give a high level of security. People install a boom barrier to solve the purpose of barricading unwanted vehicles from entering a gated community premise. Some industries use active RFID tags, which use batteries to charge the range of the device and uses the electromagnetic spectrum to make the RFID function.

Approach Towards Vehicle Management

Having a boom barrier system prevents any impostors from sneaking into an industry and maintain vehicle movement at high-level security, sometimes you can enable emergency services to reach needy people more quickly. We at, Eternaautomation the best safety and security company in Chennai specialize in this technology. Contact us today to know more about how we can bring value to your business process.

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