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CCTV Cameras (Surveillance Cameras)

CCTV (Closed-circuit Television)is the Camera which is used to broadcast the signal to the exact place, on a set of monitors.

The CCTV Surveillance Cameras is mainly based on analogue technology. It will produce color pictures. The cameras produce an excellent image clarity and quality even in low light levels. The System is controlled by Graphic User Interface (GUI). The users can select any cameras as their desire using this interface.

CCTV Cameras Types

CCTV Cameras, CCTV Dome Camera, CCTV Bullet Camera, CCTV Network IP Camera, CCTV PTZ Camera, CCTV Array Camera, CCTV Box Camera,CCTV Speed Dome Camera, CCTV IR Camera and CCTV Zoom Camera.

CCTV Dome Camera - The CCTV Dome Camera is the best choice for Hotels, Public Areas and Retails shops that require minimum visual interruption. It is smaller in size and very easy to install.

CCTV Bullet Camera - This CCTV Bullet Camera is used in Surveillance Systems and termed with the shape. These Cameras are very small fixed to a focal length lens. The Bullet Cameras are ideal for small spaces.

CCTV Network IP Camera - A network IP Camera (IP Camera) is termed as a Camera and Computer combined to one unit. The main workings of an IP Camera include lens, image sensor, processors and memory card. The processors are mainly used for the purpose of image processing, compression, analysis and network functions.

CCTV PTZ Camera - The PTZ Camera abbreviates Pan, Tilt and Zoom. You can physically rotate the camera using the pan and tilt option. The Zoom option is controlled by two lenses closer or far apart depending on the users request to zoom in or zoom out the views.

CCTV Array Camera The Array Camera is used to capture high speed video and we can scale to higher speeds by simply adding more cameras. The array architecture supports continuous streaming to the disk from all the cameras even at extremely high frame rates.

Needs of CCTV Cameras (Surveillance Systems)

The CCTV may be used point to point, point to multipoint, or through network wireless links. The CCTV Cameras is very well known for Surveillance in locations that require monitoring such as Service industry like airports, banks, Super-markets, Schools and Education, Entertainment, Construction and Industrial, Railway Stations, Malls etc.

CCTV Cameras Chennai

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CCTV Cameras

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